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Welcome to Elevate

Thanks for visiting our website and considering attending an Elevate-Derm Conference.  Founded in 2020, the conference was established in response to the rise in the number of PAs & NPs entering the dermatology specialty and our professions' corresponding need for applied and advanced continuing education. 

Many of our colleagues have told us they thirst for a more advanced educational experience.  As a result, our objective at Elevate is to create an expert-level educational experience for our fellow dermatology PAs & NPs, helping each one of you to Achieve Your Aspirations.

Elevate is lead by a team of experienced and dedicated dermatology PAs & NPs.  We invite you to learn more about our Conference Planning Committee.  

We hope to see you at a future meeting!

Our Mission

Create powerful and inspirational learning opportunities for dermatology PAs & NPs to advance their patient care and help them achieve their professional aspirations.

Our Audience

Dermatology PAs and NPs fill a vital role in the delivery of high-quality dermatologic care to patients across the United States. They work in a variety of clinical settings, including private practice single physician offices, dermatology groups (including corporate groups), multi-specialty group practices, hospital systems, and other organizations like HMOs and beyond. What is common to these dermatology professionals is their desire to practice at the highest level of their skills and their passion for lifelong learning as medical professionals.

Approximately 10,000 dermatology advanced practice providers are estimated to provide clinical care in the United States. Currently, there are many dermatology conferences aimed at physicians, but the specific educational needs of NPs and PAs are often not addressed in the planning of these events.  We aim to expand the number of educational opportunities available to these vital members of our healthcare teams.